The UK Charity - based in Cumbria - was first registered in 2005. It was set up primarily to provide funds to support the children living in the Good Samaritan Orphanage, now also referred to as the ARC Orphanage (Affecting Real Change), based in Vellatur, Andhra Pradesh, South India. Most of the money raised is from regular Child or Aged Person sponsorship. We do occasionally put on fundraising events. Please see our News Page for details.

The UK charity does not have any employees and does not charge any administrative costs. The eight trustees provide their services free of charge. 100% of money raised is donated to the Indian Orphanage.

The name of the charity was purposely extended to allow people to donate to other projects undertaken by the Mission for the Rural People charity, which owns the Orphanage. These projects include providing borewells to the surrounding villages, providing a small home for the elderly people, training for Christian pastors, and Christian evangelism.

Our UK Charity