Ratnam's letter

Dear Sponsors and Prayer Partners in Christ, 

The Krishna River close to us has been flooded and the water level keeps increasing. It is a big disaster, millions of people have lost their homes and 210 people have died in India because of floods. Near to us 87 villages have been flooded. There is a bank between us and the flooded areas, so we are safe.  The police started evacuating the area last night, but now the evacuation has stopped. There is still a small risk that Vellatur will be flooded, but in that case, it is just a matter of about 3 feet. But behind the bank, for example, where Brooke orphanage house is situated, there is a huge disaster. According to television, we will soon see heavy rains that will make the flooding even worse. 

 We are safe here at the Vellatur orphanage, but if it the water comes we will seek refuge at the roof. Rice, water, and vegetables are already on the roof as well as the children belongings. The needs of help are huge as many people have lost their homes and all their belongings. It will take a couple of weeks for the water to disappear and it may take months before people can go back to their homes. Since the fields are destroyed, the food prices will go up and starvation will strike the area.

 We want to help these people who have lost everything and we are planning to send food, water, blankets, medicines clothes, etc. to those who need it. We really need your help now in these hard times. It would have been wonderful if you can join this project, together we can make a big difference for many people.  PLEASE PRAY.   Best Wishes,  Pastor Ratnam  

Ratnam India has shared a OneDrive file of the flooding. To view it, click the link below.